Make every dinner a special occasion

Family dinner doesn't have to be a once-a-week or a once-a-month event. Every dinner is special when family is together.

Chances are, you remember dinner at your Grandma's because the family was together. But like every great cook, your Grandma puts a little something extra in her recipe that no one knew about. A pinch of some secret ingredient that made it taste just a little bit better than everyone else's.

The secret ingredient in our Italian sausage - tradition.

For almost four decades, Paisano Sausage Company has been supplying traditional Italian sausage and meatballs to some of the finest restaurants in the Denver area. Making the finest Italian sausage and meatballs is what we do. We keep it simple. We strive for consistency. And we're passionate about making the best Italian sausage in Denver for you and your family.

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Made the old-fashioned way

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